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I'm a Colorado based web developer, building simple, fast, and user friendly web apps!

Hi, I'm Trevor!

I'm a web application developer with more than seven years of professional experience creating fast and intuitive web apps. I specialize in writing modern code that's highly performant and easy to deploy and scale. I value planning and thoughtfulness in the development cycle, I excel at verbal and written communication in a highly technical environment, and I strive to promote positive and productive relationships.



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MealBase is a web app that lets users organize their favorite recipes from all over the internet. Registered users can add recipes from any website, favorite recipes they like, create and organize their own cookbooks, and generate weekly recipe lists called mealplans. MealBase is an actively developed progressive web application with new features released frequently.

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Add Recipes with One Click

Custom Cookbooks

Weekly Mealplans


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Multislider is a jQuery powered slideshow that specializes in showing more than one slide at a time. There's no need to find messy CSS and JS work arounds for other single-slide solutions. Multislider allows the developer to focus fully on each individual slide as it's own component, and then displays as many slides as you decide in a manner that is fluid, consistent, and dymanic.

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Hundreds of downloads

Fully responsive

Flexable layout options

Customizable options

React & Redux iTunes

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A small demo project I built while learning about Redux and state managment in general. It interacts with the official iTunes store API, allowing users to search for music, movies, podcasts and more. You can also preview the media the app!

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Search Music, Movies, more

Live Previews

Search History

Using iTunes API

Technology & Skills

Core Technology

I write high performance web apps using languages and frameworks that maximize the benefits of modern HTML, CSS and browser APIs. I focus on providing responsive and intuitive user interfaces by using modern ES6 Javascript, React, Material UI and other popular libraries. I also use the latest build and deploy tools such as Webpack and Lighthouse to test my code, ensure accessability standards are met, and encourage positive user interaction.

I build fast and scalable server infrastructure following industry standards using Node and MongoDB. I have experience writing custom APIs following the latest security standards, as well as intergrating custom services with third party APIs. I have experience deploying applications with the largest hosting providers, such as Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, and AWS, all while using modern containerization technologies like Docker.

Professional Skills

I'm a highly motivated developer with more than five years of professional experience. I'm exceptionally personable and have the rare gift of being able to communicate technically, professionally, and socially. I excel at taking high-level ideas from clients and executives, then converting those ideas into actionable tasks that technical-minded developers can work from.

I strive to exhibit a wide array of leadership skills in my daily routine, and I acknowledge that it takes many skills to build a sucessful product. I believe that careful planning and thoughtfulness promotes high quality web products. I think that diligent documentation benefits customers and employees by reducing confusion and spreading product knowledge. I believe that my timeliness, creative problem solving, and my ability to promote positive relationships will solidify my presence as a professional and as a leader.

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The Landsatta Demo is a landing page style website, with a modern multi-column layout. Featuring a full width hero image, customer reviews slider, and a contact form, Landsatta is simple, modern, and professional.

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Pet Store

The Pet Store Demo is a bright and coloful website. The navigation menu switches from a sidebar to a top menu for easy navigation, and a newletter signup and social media links promotes community engagement.

View Pet Store Demo

Larry's Corner Shop

The Larry's Corner Shop Demo features a clean lines and striking colors. A store information modal makes critical information easily accessable, and product spotlights line the bottom of the website.

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