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Trevor Blackman

I'm a Colorado based web developer, building simple, fast, and user friendly web apps!

Hi, I'm Trevor!

I'm a web application developer with more than seven years of professional experience creating fast and intuitive web apps. I specialize in writing modern code that's highly performant and easy to deploy and scale. I value planning and thoughtfulness in the development cycle, I excel at verbal and written communication in a highly technical environment, and I strive to promote positive and productive relationships.

Personal History

I started coding in 2015, after disliking my then job, by purchasing Murach's HTML 5 and CSS 3 from a local bookshop. For 6 months, my nights and weekends were spent learning the ins and outs of the most basic web technology, mastering the fundamentals of the browser at every step. I began to learn various libraries, including the infamous Twitter Bootstrap, and this sudden burst in productivity got me very excited. I began recreating fancy looking websites to build my own personal portofolio. After just a few more months of learning through reading, completing tutorials onlines, and trying to recreate modern websites on my own, I landed my very first job with a web development agency in Oregon.

I worked at that marketing agency for three years, and it was a great way to learn about web development. I began as one of the most amateur developers, but I quickly became one of the most trusted and capable developers in the department. In my first year, I was assigned many of the company's largest and highest priority clients. I helped to on-board and mentor new developers and was a clear leader in the department. In my second year, I authored my first jQuery plugin, MultiSlider, to fulfill a company need. The MultiSlider plugin has since been used on hundreds of websites, both within the company, and out in the wild!

My interests grew and I started learning backend development, using NodeJS and MongoDB. One of my first projects that made use of a public API was when I made a Twitter Bot to tweet on behalf of my new puppy! I was also using templating languages like Handlebars and PUG to create server-rendered websites, and I learned how to use MongoDB to persists complex data. I finally started learning how to use modern Javascript frameworks like React.

After three years with the agency, I moved on to work with a cyber security company as a full time React developer. Since then, I've been writing custom web apps using modern web development tools like Webpack and Postman, writing my own modern APIs powered by Express, and deploying fast and scalable servers with NGINX and Docker. I may not always be working on a side project, but I always have an idea for a side project! I'm excited about the recent progression of web APIs and am working to improve my knowledge of Progressive Web Apps and offline web support.

Work History

Senior Web Developer / Web Developer II

Colorado Springs, CO

May 2018 - Current

  • Lead front-end engineer and Javascript solutions architect

  • Created fast, modern, and intuitive user interfaces on the web

  • Developed robust web APIs using Node, Express, and MongoDB

  • Managed deployment processes and assisted in CI/CD pipeline setup

  • Authored comprehensive developer documentation on multiple projects

Dealer Spike, LLC.
Frontend Developer / VIP Support / Account Manager

Lake Oswego, OR

Aug 2015 - May 2018

  • Developed and standardized jQuery plugins used regularly on client sites

  • Managed communications and site updates of VIP clients for 2 years

  • Completed many custom billable projects for clients of all levels

  • Spoke with clients daily to better understand their needs

  • Worked closely with development team to resolve issues and publish new features

Formal Education

Although my college education doesn't consist of very many technical classes, I attribute much of who I am today to those years. At college I learned the importance of patience and diligence, I refined my ability to effectively communicate with colleagues, and I saw first-hand the results of a lot of hard work over time. For me, a non-technical college degree was still an invaluable experience in my path to becoming a professional web developer.

Western Colorado State University
Gunnison, COMay, 2013
  • B.A., Biology (Cellular Emphasis)
  • B.A., Excersize and Sport Science (Clinical Kinesiology Emphasis)

2011 NCAA Division II Cross Country National Champions

2011 XC National Champions

While completing my two bachelors degrees, I was fortunate enough to lead my fellow teammates to a national championship as the captain of the Cross Country and Track teams. My collegiate athletic career resulted in a national team title and two All-American acolades, and taught me perseverance, commitment, optimism, and leadership. These are traits that I try to exhibit in my daily behavior and demeanor.

Technical Education

The resources below have been absolutely critical in helping me build and strengthen fundamental development skills. I've only listed the most essential resources that I have completed and understood thoroughly. I admit that I don't know everything, but I am proud to have successfully tought myself, I believe in my ability to demonstrate modern development techniques, and I'm confident in my ability to learn new skills and technologies in the future.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course
The Complete Node.js Developer Course
  • Introduction to the NodeJS runtime, ecosystem, and project layout.

  • Creation of REST API using CRUD opperations.

  • Home-grown user authentication and app security.

  • Exploration of common application architecture using ExpressJS

  • Introduction to Github and Git best practices

Modern React with Redux
Modern React with Redux
  • Introduction to modern React and best coding practices.

  • Presentation of state management in front-end apps.

  • Redux patterns, flow, and complex state management.

Advanced React and Redux
Advanced React and Redux
  • Introduction to testing React and Redux code.

  • Explaination of pros and cons of Higher Order Components.

  • Using modern React Hooks and functional components.

  • Using advanced app deployment techniques.

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB
The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB
  • Getting started with MongoDB locally.

  • CRUD opperations on documents within MongoDB.

  • How to manipulate and agreggate data.

  • Advanced query techniques and collection indexing.

React & Typescript for Everyone
React & Typescript for Everyone
  • Introduction to Typescript and the problems it solves.

  • Using Typescript effectively in React.

  • How and when to use Types and Interfaces

  • Explaination of Union and Generic types.

Custom React Hooks
Custom React Hooks
  • Introduction to creating basic React hooks.

  • Creating custom hooks around component mount and unmount.

  • How to build custom hooks around DOM APIs and events.

  • Exploration of asyncronous network custom hooks.